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pynfs is a python NFS4 tools.




pynfs consists of several Python tools for NFSv4: An enhanced version of distributed with Python. A Python RPC protocol compiler. It generates Python code from a RPC protocol specification. It constructs classes from all structs and union definitions. A NFSv4 library for Python. It imports the files generated by A NFSv4 commandline client. A NFSv4 server. A server test application. Creates a directory tree in preparation for running

pynfs was developed during Peter …strand's Master's Thesis project "Design and Implementation of a NFSv4 Server Test Suite".


· Python 2.2 or newer. Make sure your Python interpreter can be found as "python2" and is listed in your PATH.
· PLY 1.1 or newer. PLY 1.3 is included with the pynfs distribution. (This consists of and


If you do not need the gssapi module (used for testing over kerberos),
you can simply use pynfs from the distribution directory after running:

$ ./ nfs4.x

This will generate, and

In theory, you should be able to build and install everything
(copying files to a destination directory set in setup.cfg) by running:

$ ./ install

If you have problems compiling gssapimodule.c, look in and
make sure that it is looking in the correct locations for the
kerberos libraries and includes.
Last updated on April 8th, 2005

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