fuseMk5A 1.0.2 / 1.0.3 Beta

fuseMk5A is a user-space file system for Conduant StreamStor disk recorders.

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What's new in fuseMk5A 1.0.3 Beta:

  • added support for multiple simultaneously open files
  • FUSE '-oallow_other' is now a built-in default and you need to update /etc/fuse.conf:user_allow_other mentioned upon 'make install'
  • checks the bank status and warns if the bank is in FAULT mode, in which case we enable Fill Pattern and disable disk checking, and as a result, we support reading from broken diskpacks now too
  • the Makefile 'make tar' now places files in a directory, so that unpacking doesn't dump everything into the current directory
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 17
Jan Wagner
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
fuseMk5A is a user-space file system for Conduant StreamStor disk recorders.

A read-only filesystem based on FUSE. It provides normal file access to the data stored on the diskpack. Works in default kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6 (Mark5 Debian, RedHat). On Mark5 systems this file system makes any 'disk2file' extra step obsolete, scans do not need to be copied onto system disk.

Here are some key features of "fuseMk5A":

Mounts Mark5A, Mark5B diskpack contents into a directory. Scans can be accessed as normal Linux files. Mount options are --bank=[0|1] to select either the diskpack in Bank A or in Bank B (default is 0 for Bank A), --verbose to run fuseMk5A in the foreground with debug info output, --cachesize=[bytes] to specify a read cache size in bytes (default 16MB).
oper@Mark5-637% ./fuseMk5A --verbose /mnt/diskpack
Bank selected : 0
Prefetch cache : 15990784
Opening diskpack...
Selected bank 0. It has label 'FGI-0005/4000/1024Recorded'

.. in another console window:
oper@Mark5-637% ll /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta*
-r--r--r-- 1 oper users 960411032 Dec 31 1969 /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_246-2239
-r--r--r-- 1 oper users 2304363960 Dec 31 1969 /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_246-2357
-r--r--r-- 1 oper users 2207595680 Dec 31 1969 /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_247-0045
-r--r--r-- 1 oper users 2112310824 Dec 31 1969 /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_247-0228
-r--r--r-- 1 oper users 2111945200 Dec 31 1969 /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_247-0615
oper@Mark5-637% /usr/bin/time cat /mnt/diskpack/euro89_cta26_246-2239 > /dev/null
0.20user 0.63system 0:09.79elapsed 8%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (108major+12minor)pagefaults 0swaps
oper@Mark5-637% sudo umount /mnt/diskpack


· Read-only access, can't write to diskpack - but anyone willing to program this is free to do so! Conduant?
· The 'Mark5A' program and the StreamStor design do not really allow concurrent access to diskpack data from several programs, so the same applies for fuseMk5A - the 'Mark5A' program should preferrably not be running at the same time (untested what would happen, there may or may not be any issues)
· Only one file at a time is allowed to be open and be read, because StreamStor read performance declines pretty dramatically otherwise (StreamStor design issue)
· The warning Warning: sizeof(size_t)=4 != sizeof(Mark5A size=8)! Continuing anyway... can be ignored, the file length is actually placed into a stat.st_size (proper 64-bit) and not a size_t (32-bit). The warning has been removed in the new CVS code.

What's New in This Release:

· Removed dependency on /var/dir/Mark5A, added Chesters Mark5A process detection

Last updated on December 4th, 2008

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