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fuse-convmvfs is a userspace filesystem to convert filename charset.




fuse-convmvfs is a userspace filesystem to convert filename charset.


FUSE 2.5 or later


After installing FUSE, compile convmvfs the usual way:

#make install

And you are ready to go.You can now type 'convmvfs --help" to get help information.


Once convmvfs is installed running it is very simple:

usage: convmvfs mountpoint [options]

general options:
-o opt,[opt...] mount options
-h --help print help
-V --version print version

FUSE options:
-d -o debug enable debug output (implies -f)
-f foreground operation
-s disable multi-threaded operation

-o allow_other allow access to other users
-o allow_root allow access to root
-o nonempty allow mounts over non-empty file/dir
-o default_permissions enable permission checking by kernel
-o fsname=NAME set filesystem name
-o large_read issue large read requests (2.4 only)
-o max_read=N set maximum size of read requests

-o hard_remove immediate removal (don't hide files)
-o use_ino let filesystem set inode numbers
-o readdir_ino try to fill in d_ino in readdir
-o direct_io use direct I/O
-o kernel_cache cache files in kernel
-o umask=M set file permissions (octal)
-o uid=N set file owner
-o gid=N set file group
-o entry_timeout=T cache timeout for names (1.0s)
-o negative_timeout=T cache timeout for deleted names (0.0s)
-o attr_timeout=T cache timeout for attributes (1.0s)

CONVMVFS options:
-o srcdir=PATH which directory to convert
-o icharset=CHARSET charset used in srcdir
-o ocharset=CHARSET charset used in mounted filesystem


If you use normal user to mount file system be sure to have

r/w permision to /dev/fuse.

use `iconv --list` to see which charsets are supported.
to allow other user to access the mount point use allow_other option
IMPORTANT: if mount point and srcdir was the same dir, readdir oper

would enter dead loop. BE SURE TO AVOID THIS SITUATION!

Sample use:

to mount

$convmvfs /ftp/pub_gbk -o srcdir=/ftp/pub, icharset=utf8,ocharset=gbk

to umount

$fusermount -u /ftp/pub_gbk

What's New in This Release:

Makefile.am, configure.in, src/convmvfs.cpp: update version and authors info
AUTHORS: change mail
Last updated on August 16th, 2007

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