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ext2fuse is an implementation of the ext2 filesystem in user space, using the FUSE library.





ext2fuse is an implementation of the ext2 filesystem in user space, using the FUSE library. Uses might include as a base for filesystem projects, for FUSE or e2fsprogs testing, and for situations when a kernel mode filesystem is not appropriate.


libext2, which is included in e2fsprogs
fuse kernel module, which is available in kernel version 2.6.11 and later
fuse user-space tools




ext2fuse -n devicename -m mountpoint [fuse common options]...

-o allow_other allow access to other users
-o allow_root allow access to root
-o nonempty allow mounts over non-empty file/dir
-o default_permissions enable permission checking by kernel
-o fsname=NAME set filesystem name
-o large_read issue large read requests (2.4 only)
-o max_read=N set maximum size of read requests

-o max_write=N set maximum size of write requests
-o max_readahead=N set maximum readahead
-o async_read perform reads asynchronously (default)
-o sync_read perform reads synchronously

What's New in This Release:

Unexpected features supported:
Secure deletion. Currently is a compile time option, but could easily be made a run-time flag.

Features currently not supported:
Proper sparse write implementation - atm we just write 0's to the file
Large file support (untested, may happen to work, unlikely)
Extended attributes
Named pipes, FIFOs and device files

Known bugs:
On fsck'ing, for some reason symlinks get marked as invalid inodes.
They work fine, though. Maybe because I have not implemented fast symlinks...?
Dir-clobbering bug: rename()ing a dir to the name of an existing empty dir does complete succesfully, but seems to lead in the next file that uses the deleted dir's blocks being strangely corrupted
fsx (Apple filesystem exerciser) shows up bugs
Seems to be some probs with truncate, possibly in combo with sparse writes.

Things to be aware of:
Permissions have undergone only really _basic_ testing, and thus probably don't work properly.
Last updated on August 16th, 2007
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