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An Open Source CLI utility that allows Linux users to easily mount encrypted filesystems

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cryptmount is an open source and freely distributed command-line software implemented in C and designed to be used on any GNU/Linux operating system for easy and quick mounting of encrypted filesystems.

Features at a glance

The software has been engineered in such a way that it can support both the device-mapper and loopback device mechanisms for either ordinary files or raw block devices.

This tool makes it easy for a non-root user (without administrative privileges) to configure the respected devices that are required to access an encrypted filesystem.

cryptmount requires an initial configuration of the encrypted filesystem in order to mount and unmount the respective file system on demand only by providing the decryption passphrase.

Getting started with cryptmount

The program is fully compatible with all distributions of Linux, independent of a hardware architecture. To install it and optimize it for your GNU/Linux system and hardware platform, download the tar.gz archive from Softpedia, save it on your computer, unpack it and open a terminal emulator.

In the terminal window you can navigate to the location of the extracted archive files using the ‘cd’ command, configure and compile the project using the ‘./configure && make’ command, as well as to install it system wide by running the ‘make install’ command as root or with sudo.

To use it, execute the ‘cryptmount’ command in a terminal emulator, but you will need to parse various parameters, such as an option and the target device. To view its command-line options, type the ‘cryptmount --help’ command.

Under the hood and availability

cryptmount is written entirely in the C programming language, which means that it is small and fast. It is available for download as native installers for Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Fedora, and compatible distributions, but supporting only the 32-bit hardware platform. Use the universal sources archive for 64-bit instruction set architectures (view installation instructions above).

cryptmount was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
cryptmount - Usage example of the cryptmount command-line utilitycryptmount - The help screen of the cryptmount command-line, as viewed from the Linux Terminal

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