The Plastic File System 1.11

The Plastic File System is a module for providing virtual file systems in user space.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.4/5 15
Peter Miller
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
The Plastic File System project is an LD_PRELOAD module for manipulating what the file system looks like for programs. This allows virtual file systems to exist in user space, without kernel hacks or modules.

PlasticFS includes the following file systems:


The chroot filter may be used to simulate the effects of the chroot(2) system call, in combination with other filters.


The dos filter may be used to simulate an 8.3 DOS file system.


The log filter may be used to transparently log file system access, similar to the strace command.


The shortname filter may be used to simulate file systems with shorter filenames.

The smartlink filter may be used to expand environment variables in symbolic links, using the usual $name notation.
upcase, downcase, titlecase and nocase

The upcase filter to make file names appear to be in upper-case when listed. File names are case- insensitive when being opened, etc. The downcase filetr is similar, except it converts to lower-case, titlecase capitalizes, and nocase is simply case insensitive without altering the filenames.

The viewpath filter may be used to make a set of directory trees look like a single directory tree. (Also known as a union file system.) All modifications take place in the first directory in the list.
Aka: union and translucent

Note: Filters may be piped from one to the next, forming powerful combinations.

PlasticFS is currently dependent on the implementation of the GNU C Library. It is self configuring using a GNU Autoconf generated configure script.

What's New in This Release:

Build problem fixed.

Last updated on July 8th, 2007

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