SynCE FS 0.7

SynCE FS project allows you to mount pocketPC like a remote filesystem.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.9/5 16
Laurent Vivier
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
SynCE FS project allows you to mount pocketPC like a remote filesystem.


· SynCE

How to use it ?

You can download the .deb or the sources from the download section.

To be able to mount your pocketPC, it must be connected to your linux box. it means that the connection is etablished (your pocketPC has an IP address, you should use synce-serial-start) and is connected to the synce daemon (non-root user has started dccm).

You should create a directory to mount your filesystem:

# mkdir /mnt/synce

You should add following lines in /etc/fstab to allow non-root user (owner of dccm) to mount the pocketPC filesystem on /mnt/synce:

none /mnt/synce cefs rw,user,noauto,codadev=/dev/cfs0 0 0

then ask kernel to load CODA (if it is a module):

# modprobe coda

then, you (as non-root user, owner of dccm) can mount the pocketPC filesystem:

lvivier@imac:~$ mount /mnt/synce/

SynCE FS using "/dev/cfs0" (CODA v3)

and you can use all files of the pocketPC as they were stored in a local filesystem:

lvivier@imac:~$ find /mnt/synce/
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage/My Documents
/mnt/synce/Carte de stockage/My Documents/Sauvegarde compl¨te.dbe
/mnt/synce/Restart Synchronization Marker.1
/mnt/synce/Restart Synchronization Marker.2
/mnt/synce/Program Files
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE/CAPTCE.EXE
/mnt/synce/Program Files/WindowsCE/FTPSRV.EXE
lvivier@imac:~$ df /mnt/synce
Sys. de fich. 1K-blocs Occup? Disponible Capacit? Mont? sur
cefs 8159 4200 3959 52% /mnt/synce/

What's New in This Release:

· correct mode for read-only files
· set executable files from ROM as not readable
· allow to rename a file to a name already in use
· correct file cache management when a file is renamed
· add some traces
· add some test cases

Last updated on June 22nd, 2007

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