Pox 0.1 Alpha 1

Utilities for filesystem exploration and automated builds
Pox is a software that provides a collection of utilities for navigating and manipulating filesystems. This module is designed to facilitate some of the low level operating system interactions that are useful when exploring a filesystem on a remote host, where queries such as "what is the root of the filesystem?", "what is the user's name?", and "what login shell is preferred?" become essential in allowing a remote user to function as if they were logged in locally. While pox is in the same vein of both the os and shutil builtin modules, the majority of its functionality is unique and compliments these two modules.

Pox provides python equivalents of several unix shell commands such as "which" and "find". These commands allow automated discovery of what has been installed on an operating system, and where the essential tools are located. This capability is useful not only for exploring remote hosts, but also locally as a helper utility for automated build and installation.

Several high-level operations on files and filesystems are also provided. Examples of which are: finding the location of an installed python package, determining if and where the source code resides on the filesystem, and determining what version the installed package is.

Pox also provides utilities to enable the abstraction of commands sent to a remote filesystem. In conjunction with a registry of environment variables and installed utilites, pox enables the user to interact with a remote filesystem as if they were logged in locally.

Pox is part of pathos, a python framework for heterogenous computing. Pox is in the early development stages, and any user feedback is highly appreciated.

Main features:

  • Pox provides utilities for discovering the user's environment::
  • return the user's name, current shell, and path to user's home directory
  • strip duplicate entries from the user's $PATH
  • lookup and expand environment variables from ${VAR} to 'value'
  • Pox also provides utilities for filesystem exploration and manipulation::
  • discover the path to a file, exectuable, directory, or symbolic link
  • discover the path to an installed package
  • parse operating system commands for remote shell invocation
  • convert text files to platform-specific formatting

last updated on:
June 29th, 2010, 19:37 GMT
license type:
BSD License 
developed by:
Mike McKerns
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
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