IMAPFS 0.0.3a

IMAPFS is a FUSE filesystem that allows you to store files on an IMAP account.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Xuan Luo
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
IMAPFS is a FUSE filesystem that allows you to store files on an IMAP account.


Java 1.5 or later (You need to modify the "build.conf" file to make sure it has the correct path to your Java installation.)

Build instructions:

Edit the "build.conf" file and make sure the "JDK_HOME" variable is set to the path to your Java SDK installation
Make sure the other variables are correct too

Run "make"

Run instructions:

./ /mount/point imap[s]://user:pass@host[:port]/rootmailbox

You need to manually create a root mailbox with an IMAP client before running this filesystem

For nested mailboxes, you can use "/" as the separator character; the program should replace it with the correct one
IMAPS (IMAP over SSL) is supported; you need to give "imaps" as the protocol

The port is optional; defaults to the default IMAP (143) / IMAPS (993) ports

NOTE: Currently, due to bugs in FUSE-J, the filesystem will only work in foreground mode, and not in daemon mode. The mount script has been hard-coded to mount the filesystem in foreground mode ("-f" option). That means that once you mount it, the program will continue running and print debug messages. Please leave this program running (do not terminate it), and use another shell session to use the filesystem. Once you unmount the filesystem ("fusermount -u < mountpoint >"), the program printing the debug messages will exit.

What's New in This Release:

temporarily resolved Java 6 ByteBuffer.array() duplicate member problem by ignoring all bridge methods when generating class API in CAPIGenerator
replaced JavaMail & JAF libraries with ones licensed under the GPL

Last updated on August 16th, 2007

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