Find Duplicate Files 2

A Java application that can find duplicate files with the same size and MD5 checksum

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GPL v3 
1.9/5 15
Keith Fenske
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
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Find Duplicate Files
Find Duplicate Files is a Java application that can find duplicate files with the same size and MD5 checksum.

When collecting a large number of files of any kind, there will be duplicates with the same file under two different names or in more than one place. FindDupFiles is a Java 1.4 application to find duplicate files by searching for files that have the same size and the same MD5 checksum. It won't find files that are merely similar, such as two consecutive photos of the same subject, or two MP3 songs encoded at different times.

Possible duplicates are reported to the user, who can then verify that the files are identical, either by inspection or by doing a byte-by-byte comparison with the "comp" command in DOS/Windows or the "cmp" command in UNIX. What to do with files is the user's choice; the program does nothing except report the duplicates. The probability of two different files having the same size and MD5 checksum is extremely small. (Please read the PDF documentation included in the ZIP file. This program has been released under the GNU General Public License.)

Last updated on March 27th, 2008


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