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z81/xz81 are ZX81 (TS1000) and ZX80 emulators for svgalib and X.





z81/xz81 are ZX81 (TS1000) and ZX80 emulators for svgalib and X. They load/save Xtender-format .p files, and support the ZX81's pseudo-hi-res mode, overscanned modes, the ZX Printer, and both VSYNC-based and AY-3-891x-based sound.

A few ZX81-related utils (including a tape reader and a programme to save the ROM from a ZX81) and Public Domain games are included.


ZX80/ZX81 ROMs


You'll need an ANSI C compiler. `gcc' is fine - as should anything else be, these days.

Check/edit the Makefile first - it should be ok as-is for Linux.

Then, on non-Linux systems, or if you only want the X version, or if you have no idea what I'm talking about here :-), do `make xz81' then (as root) `make install'. That should compile/install only the X version. If you're running Linux, you should note that only compiling the X version means zx81get isn't compiled - do `make xz81 zx81get' (then `make install') instead if you want that too.

If you have a Linux box with svgalib installed, just do `make' then (as root) `make install'. That should compile z81/xz81 and zx81get, and install them in /usr/local/bin.

Once z81 is installed, don't forget to read the man page.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed several compilation warnings with gcc, as well as something gcc now likes to call an "error" which prevented compilation of z81 2.0 with current versions. Thanks to Adam J. Richter and Brian Schau for pointing out the problems.
Added a "saverom" program for the ZX81, which lets you save your own ZX81's ROM.
Changed ZX80 VSYNC behaviour slightly, the Space Invaders clone for it works now.
Various sound fixes - fixed post-death sound in QS Defender, fixed a slight `spike' problem on VSYNC tones, and removed AY tone/noise counter wraparound (which was mistaken).
Improved signal handling.
Last updated on September 6th, 2007
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