ZX81 / TS1000 Emulator

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ZX81 / TS1000 Emulator is a ZX81 emulator for VGA PCs running Linux.




ZX81 / TS1000 Emulator is a ZX81 emulator for VGA PCs running Linux.

z81 is a Sinclair ZX81 (also known as the Timex TS1000) emulator. It
uses svgalib. It supports most programs and games, with the big
exceptions being games using interrupt handlers. It supports the
pseudo-hi-res mode. It saves and loads programs in Xtender's .P
format, but should be able to load the Atari emulator's .81 format
files. (It works on the ones I've tried, but I haven't tried many.)

xz81 is a version of z81 for X. A few fairly trivial features are
missing (like the help screen), but aside from that it's all there.
This version should work on non-Linux systems, though it needs some
features like setitimer() and sigaction() which will presumably be
absent on some machines/OSes. xz81 is only known to work on 1-bit and
8-bit displays, and very probably won't work on others. But overall,
if xz80 works, xz81 probably will. Sorry about the name, which is
easily confused with `xz80', but given the original being called Z81,
I couldn't do too much about this.

z81txt is a text-mode version. It still requires raw keyboard mode
and writes to the screen `directly' using /dev/vcsa0, so it will only
run on a Linux console. But, it'll run on all Linux PCs - those with
MDA/Herc/CGA/EGA display cards, as well as VGA ones, though obviously
z81 is preferable if you have VGA. :-) (This is installed setuid root,
as non-root users usually can't write to /dev/vcsa0. Don't worry about
this unduly - it throws away root privs straight after the open(),
which is the first thing it does. Think of it as working like a
text-mode svgalib (if that makes sense).) You probably need Linux 1.2
or better for z81txt to work. If you don't have /dev/vcsa0 for
whatever reason, do `mknod /dev/vcsa0 c 7 128' as root to create it.


Check/edit the Makefile first - if you're compiling the X version, you
may need to change XROOT, for example.

Then, on non-Linux systems, or if you only want the X version, do
`make xz81;make install'. That should compile/install only the X

If you have a Linux box with VGA, do (as root) `make;make install'.
That should compile all the versions, and install them in
/usr/local/bin. (If you don't have X, substitute `make z81 z81txt' for
the first `make'.)

If you have a Linux box without VGA, do (again as root) `make
z81txt;make install'. This avoids the need to have X or svgalib on
your system, and only compiles and installs z81txt. However, if you
use X (I know there's a server that supports Herc cards, for example),
xz81 is *much* better. You may want to compile that instead.

If you compile z81 or z81txt you'll need my rawkey library - a
precompiled ELF copy is included here.

`z80.c' will take a while to compile (two minutes on my dx2-66). Don't
worry about this, it's simply because of the mind-bending (and fast)
way IMC's Z80 emulator works.

Be sure to read the man page. Z81 is a quick hack, so you'd better
know all about the gotchas before running it. :-)
Last updated on November 26th, 2007

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