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TkMAME project is a Tcl/Tk Front End for XMAME.




TkMAME project is a Tcl/Tk Front End for XMAME.

It is a full featured graphical front end for MAME (The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). It is written in Tcl/Tk and runs under both Linux/Unix and Windows platforms.

Here are some key features of "TkMAME":

Capable of running on Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 (with DOS MAME), and Linux/Unix operating systems (with xmame).
Source code is publicly available
Smallest front end in its class for MAME in existance (less than 100k in size)
Intuitive user friendly graphical user interface
Ability to view ROM screen shots stored in GIF format
Ability to save individual ROM configuration settings for each ROM
Automatically recognizes new ROMs available with new versions of MAME
Actual MAME command line is visible while you are configuring your ROM allowing you to see how the command line changes as you change options available to you
Contains user interface widgets for every MAME option
Ability to automatically download new cheat data from Pugsy's Cheat Page
Capability to automatically upload new high scores to the MAME Action Replay Page
ROMs are grouped by year and manufacturer as well as vector games
Capable of redifining ROMs, adding new ROMs and creating your own ROM groups
Quick search capability to easily navigate to ROMs in your list (e.g., typing "su z" will take you to Super Zaxxon)
Menus in TkMAME can be detached to become separate windows
TkMAME uses your mame.cfg file to get its default values
Capable of displaying which ROMs you are missing
Automatically scans the gamelist.txt file and extracts game information for each ROM as you browse through your ROMs
Capable of verifying ROMs and samples directly from the user interface
Diagnostics feature available to help you check all of your ROMs at once
Color and fonts can be changed to customize the look of the user interface
Capable of configuring ROMs to use alternate versions of MAME


Tcl 8.0.5
Tk 8.0.5

What's New in This Release:

Fixed pulldown menu's so they raise to the top (broke with last release)
Fixed bug which caused TkMAME to crash when reading the scale value in your xmamerc file.
Added .PNG support for images
Search string is erased on next event
Last updated on November 21st, 2006

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