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TiEmu is an emulator of Texas Instruments hand-helds (TI89/92/92+/V200).




TiEmu is an emulator of Texas Instruments hand-helds (TI89/92/92+/V200). TiEmu is full-featured with a graphical debugger.

Here are some key features of "TiEmu":

· support TI89, TI89 Titanium, TI92, TI92+ and V200PLT hand-helds
· full-featured graphical debugger (source, memory, breakpoints, traps, vectors, stack, trace, ...)
· debugger supports : run, step in, step over, step out, run to cursor
· ability to load/save the emulator state
· file linkport emulation (direct loading of files)
· works with 1/2/4 MB ROMs, 128 or 256 KB RAM
· emulate HW1, HW2, and HW3
· can run from ROM dumps or FLASH upgrades
· automatic ROM version/model detection
· constrast emulated (try [Alt] + [+] & [-])
· pretty fast emulation engine
· sreenshot of LCD and/or calculator in several images format (JPG/PNG/ICO)
· TI keyboard useable directly from PC keyboard or with the mouse on the skin
· archive memory support as well as ghost spaces
· full emulation of HW1/2/3 protection (stealth I/O)
· no buggy MC68000 SR & nbcd (TiEmu can't be detected as VTi : you have true emulation)
· 4-level and 7/8-level grayscale support (thx Kevin !) for both HW1 and HW2/3
· the letter keys are aliased to produce their respective letters. No need to press the Alpha key, just type (TI89).
· keyboard mapping and menu shortcuts are fully VTi-compatible
· keyboard mapping can be customized thru keymaps files


· linkport emulation has not been tested with USB cable yet
· no debugger while sending/receiving a file to/from the virtual calculator
· no linkport logging capabilities yet


· GTK+ version 2.8.x
· tilp2
· libticables2
· libticalcs2
· libticonv
· libtifiles2
· ROMs

What's New in This Release:

This is the first stable release of TiEmu 3, with TIGCC
debugging (GDB, Insight) support:
* GDB and Insight, as well as Tcl/Tk and [Incr Tcl]/[Incr
Tk] are integrated into TiEmu and built as part of the
normal TiEmu build.
* The source tarballs should compile under any POSIX with
GCC (but note that libticables2 needs minor modifications
to build on *nixes other than GNU/Linux, *BSD and Mac OS
X), as well as under Win32 with MinGW GCC. This includes
Mac OS X, assuming you have the required dependencies.
* Make sure you build libticables2, libticonv, libtifiles2
and libticalcs2 first (in that order), as described in the
* The RPMs are for Fedora Core 6 ("Zod"). They will NOT
install on FC5 or older. It is recommended to install them
all at once. If you need to install them separately for
some reason, make sure you install libticables2, libticonv,
libtifiles2 and libticalcs2 first (in that order). The
tilp2 RPM is optional, it is NOT a requirement for using
TiEmu. (It does depend on the same libraries though.)
* The RPM is built against the FC6 system Tcl and Tk, as
well as the itcl, itk and iwidgets packages from Fedora
* The RPM does not conflict with Gerard Milmeister's native
Insight package. It may or may not conflict with other
Insight packages around.
* The libticables2 RPM contains an udev script
automatically giving the user in front of the computer
(i.e. the user logged into the local console) the required
permissions to use the SilverLink or DirectLink, as well as
serial and parallel link cables, when they are plugged in.
(The SilverLink, serial and parallel cables are supported
by both TiLP and TiEmu. The DirectLink is supported by
TiLP only.)
* TIGCC 0.96 Beta 5 or higher is required to generate the
debugging information for GDB.
* The library RPMs have now been split into runtime and
-devel packages. Use the -devel packages when compiling
software needing the libraries. For running them, the
runtime packages (the ones without the -devel suffix) are
sufficient. API documentation in HTML format can be found
in the -apidocs packages.
Last updated on May 17th, 2007

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