The Romalizer 0.61

The Romalizer project is a Tcl script to analyze your MAME roms and report errors.

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3.6/5 21
Christopher Stone
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The Romalizer project is a Tcl script to analyze your MAME roms and report errors.

The ROMalizer is a Tcl script that examines your .zip files for MAME ROMs and lets you know if you have any extra data in them. It can also report incorrect filenames, CRCs, etc.

What's New in This Release:

romalizer will no longer move the zipfiles it has fixed into your roms directory unless you specify the -M option. This will allow you to run romalizer as a normal user on a roms filesystem that is only writable by root or some other games administrator. If you use the -M option, romalzier will back up your old roms into the working directory as usual, if the -M option is not used, the new (fixed) roms will be located in the working directory.
romalizer now fully supports two new styles of merging your roms. You may now use the -g or -G options to tell romalizer to use one of these new merging formats. When -g is used, romalizer will merge all clones into a single zip file. When -G is used, romalizer will create clone zip files that are capable of being run independantly of the parent romset. I have tested these new merging features on my pacman romset and it works beautifully, however more testing probably needs to be done on a complete romset for these options.
neogeo games are now supported, romalizer will just ignore any CRC that matches 354029fc (ng-sfix.rom), 9036d879 (neo-geo.rom), and 97cf998b (ng-sm1.rom). Thus neogeo roms are now fully supported except for these 3 which should be placed in a file called
romalizer requires usage of UnZip version 5.41 or higher due to a Y2K bug in UnZip. This patch will now check your unzip version and abort if you do not have a recent version of UnZip.

Last updated on November 21st, 2006

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