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TI85 Emulator is a free TI85 calculator emulator for Unix/Linux.





TI85 Emulator is a free TI85 calculator emulator for Unix/Linux. At first, I wanted to order my Agenda VR3d - a linux PDA. I wanted to use it as a calculator - and I wanted it NOW. So the first step was to look at existing calculators didn't find good one. Second step - try to port some existing emulator of real calculator, e.g. TI85. I soon found, that there is NO good emulator of TI85. First I tried to port some, but I wasn't happy with it.

So I picked the good ideas from 'ti85' by Justesen Dines, few other available sources and the Z80 emulation core from the MSX portable emulator and cooked the preliminary version during one afternoon. There were some problems with ports (seems like noone really knows what that bits really mean; except me, of course;) so next version came soon. So.. here is x-th version, which is still a piece of crap, but it's the only emulator of TI85 on Linux and it's best emulator in terms of port3 emulation I've ever found.

This emulator works on common Linux boxes and is in use on Agenda VR3 (www.agendacomputing.com) too. The X toolkit can be easily replaced by the Xlib or something else; if you don't like FLTK or GTK, write your own GUI


ROM code from your real TI85 emulator (!) (I can't give you mine because of legal issues, don't even ask)
and FLTK or GTK library


easy way: ./configure
configure with your own options - follow the help, which shows on ./configure --help. Most important is the GUI option: --with-gui=gtk, or --with-gui=fltk.


make install
move your ti85 rom image to /usr/share/ti85rom.bin
Last updated on November 22nd, 2007
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