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Steem is a Freeware Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux.





Steem is a freeware Atari STE emulator for Linux and Windows. Steem software is being updated regularly and runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems.

Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great old games, use MIDI apps just like you did on the ST or you have some other, more sinister motive, Steem is the emulator for you!

Usage: steem [options] [disk_image_a [disk_image_b]] [cartridge]
steem [options] [state_file]

disk image: name of disk image (extension ST/MSA/DIM/STT/ZIP/RAR) for Steem to load. If 2 disks are specified, the first will be ST drive A: and the second drive B:.

cartridge: name of a cartridge image (.STC) to be loaded.

state file: previously saved state file (.STS) to load. If none is specified, Steem will load "auto.sts" provided the relevant option is checked in the Options dialog.

tos image: name of TOS image to use (.IMG or .ROM).

Options: list of options separated by spaces. Options are case-independent and can be prefixed by -, --, / or nothing.
NOSHM: disable use of Shared Memory.
NOSOUND: no sound output.
SOF=< n >: set sound output frequency to < n > Hz.
PABUFSIZE=< n >: set PortAudio buffer size to < n > samples.
FONT=< string >: use a different font.
HELP: print this message and quit.
INI=< file >: use < file > instead of steem.ini to initialise options.
TRANS=< file >: use < file > instead of searching for Translate.txt or Translate_*.txt to translate the GUI text.

All of these options (except INI= and TRANS=) can be changed from the GUI once Steem is running. It is easiest just to run Steem and play with the GUI.

What's New in This Release:

Emulation Bugs

Rewrote DMA sound again (Badger Demo and lots of other STE programs).
Fixed some CPU bugs (Wrath of the Demon, Zoolook).
Fixed read-only disk image read sector bug (thanks Jorge).
Fixed big frame bug (War Heli, thanks Jorge again).
Fixed byte palette bug (lots of mono programs).
Fixed current time seconds bug.
Fixed FDC bug (Chaos Strikes Back Replicants crack).
Fixed FDC IO access bug (White Spirit Demo).
Allowed programs to set the time/date (Sewer doc displayer).
Lots and lots of other stuff (cheers Jorge).

Other Bugs
Made Steem work again on Windows 95.
Fixed multiple save over last snapshot undo bug.
XSteem: Improved non-English keyboard mappings.

New Features
Pasti copy-protected disk image library support (Pasti library will be released soon).
Disk image database: easy detection of the contents of disk images (thanks to Keili for all his work).
Vastly improved VSync.
Undo last reset and undo last load snapshot options.
XSteem: More features in disk manager.
XSteem: Web links have returned (and they work now).
XSteem: Added RtAudio library sound.
Debug: Lots of stuff.
Last updated on November 22nd, 2007
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