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Sope is an open-source Playstation emulator for Linux/Unix Systems.





Sope is an open-source Playstation emulator for Linux/Unix Systems. It is still in a quite early stage, but most demos now work. Soap software uses interpretive emulation, but a dynamic recompilation core is available for the Alpha and the x86 processors.


./sope [arguments] [file(s)]

The files can be either PS-X EXE files or .PLL files (for many-files demos)
PLL files are plain text files, each line performing an action:

LOAD xxxxxx.exe # Loads an executable file
DATA xxxxxx.dat 80080000 # Loads a data file at the specified adress
SETPC 80080000 # Set the PC register to the specified value

Possible arguments are:

"-n" to disable texturing
"-v=n" to force VBlank interrupt period to n*1000 [default n=30]. n must be < 66
"-p" forces display to be equal to n*256 lines
"-s" enable sound (experimental)
"-B" boots cdrom
"-h" display help message

The PS-X bios image file must be named as "bios" and must reside in the current directory.

Pad emulation:

- Spacebar Start
- Enter Select
- q L1
- 1 L2
- e R1
- 3 R2
- x Cross
- d Circle
- w Triangle
- a Square
- Cursor keys Directionnal buttons

- Escape: Quit emulator
- n: Disable/Enable Texturing
- b: Enable/Disable Bilinear Filtering
- u: Disable/Enable All Rendering
- f: Disable/Enable Cosmetic stuff (Transparencies, Blending)


· Playstation Bios Image (scph1001.bin is recommended)
· OpenGL libs (only for OpenGL renderer)
· AAlib, SVGAlib, X-Windows or SDL (for soft renderer)
· GTK+ >= 1.2.0 (only if using debugger)
· Alpha or x86 CPU (only required if using dynamic recompilation)
Last updated on November 22nd, 2007
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