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ROMBrowser project is a tool for organizing emulator ROMs.




ROMBrowser project is a tool for organizing emulator ROMs.

It will identify rom files by their CRC, give information about their characteristics (game title, parent rom, etc), and organize those ROMs with different filters.

If you like to play with emulation and emulators, you know the pain of keeping track of your thousands of ROM files, not to mention figuring out what it is you've just downloaded. That's what ROMBrowser is for. Eventually I hope to have a system that works somewhat like romcenter, but is java based and GPL'd.

I also am planning on developing a schema for storing meta-data related to ROM files. There are currently several databases out there that have information about ROM files, usually keyed by the file's CRC32. Part of the ROMBrowser project will be to develop an open standard for that kind of data (probably an XML DTD) and a plan for the distributed classification of ROM files, so users can classify unknown ROMs and distribute that information.

What's New in This Release:

Added Super Nintendo rom handler for SMC files. It doesn't handle interleaved files yet.
Separated out datafiles from main distribution, added credits tag to xml database, to give credit to the rom database maintainers (just using conversions of cowering's goodtools for now).
Changed rom info viewer to table view. Added ability to modify rom data, changes will be saved in knownfiles.xml
Changed how file searching works, now only files that have romhandlers (nes and smc currently) get processed, all others are ignored.
Made file converter work better for converting romcenter dat files (use net.sourceforge.rombrowser.util.ROMDatabaseFileConverter
Deleting specific roms from the treeview will remove them from knownfiles, and will also delete them from the filesystem if delete-on-remove is true.
Deleting folders from the treeview will still not remove their child entries from knowfiles or delete the foders or their children.
Changed the way rominfo files are handled, now if the datafile property has colons in it, it will treat it as a list of datafiles, eg: "goodnes.xml.gz:goodsnes.xml.gz" would look for both goodnes and goodsnes in the rombrowser home folder
Last updated on November 28th, 2006

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