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OldSpark C++ is a complete rewrite of my Java Oldspark emulator.




OldSpark C++ is a complete rewrite of my Java Oldspark emulator. It's a multi arcade emulator written with C++and based on the SDL.

OldSpark C++ is an open source emulator released under the GPL license. See License.txt for more information about the license. The emulator is available for Linux, and Windows. At this stage, the emulator is a command line application. It should not be a problem for people looking for nostalgia.

What's emulated:

· Z80 cpu.
· M6809 cpu.
· SN76489 signal generator.
· AY-3-8910 signal generator.
· Namco Sound wave generator.
· Multiple 76489 sound board.
· Z80 driven multiple AY-3-8910 sound board.
· Z80 driven multiple SN76489 sound board.

Video filters (2x):

· bilinear
· tv
· nn2x (nearest neigboorh).
· scale2x
· scale2xscanline

Suported games(13):

pacman.zip puckman.zip eyes.zip mrtnt.zip jumpshot.zip ponpoko.zip mspacmab.zip vanvan.zip galaxian.zip zigzag.zip piranha.zip lizwiz.zip solomon.zip mikie.zip

What's New in This Release:

· Modify Solomon, Pacman and mspacmab drivers to handle latest mame romsets (thanks to neoforma from CAESAR to point this out). Correct a bug that cause Ponpoko driver to end with segmentation fault. Add a tiny driver that inherits from solomon, to handle japanese version of solomon key.
Last updated on November 19th, 2007
OldSpark C++OldSpark C++OldSpark C++

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