OldSpark 0.3

OldSpark is a multi arcade emulator written in Java.
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OldSpark is a multi arcade emulator written in Java. OldSpark supports now 21 Games (2 Buggy). The source code is now released. Its far from what i want it to be, but can be usefull for other coders / curious. Remember that questions, remarks ect... are welcome!

What's New in This Release:

· [DRIVER] improve GalaxianVideo base driver (100 % Ok).
· [DRIVER] complete Scramble Bootleg driver (100 % Ok).
· [DRIVER] add support for War of the bug (100 % Ok).
· [DRIVER] add support for Mooncresta (100 % Ok).
· [CPU] add 0xED67 (RRD) opcode support (zigzag need it).
· [CPU] add 0xFDCBxx3E (SRL (IY+d) undoc opcode support (zigzag).
· [DRIVER] add support for ZigZag (100 % OK)
· [CPU] add [0xCB30-0xCB37] (SLL) Undoc Opcode support.
· [CPU] add [0xFDCBxx00-0xFDCBxx0a] LD r,RLC(IY+d),LD r,RRC(IY+d) Undoc Opcode support.
· [DRIVER] add support for Pisces (100 % OK)
· [CPU] add 0xEDA1 (CPI) cpu Opcode (Skybase need it).
· [DRIVER] add incomplete support for skybase. (5% OK).
· [DRIVER] support Levers (100% OK).
· [CPU] increase IO.out8() opcode security, ANDING PC++ with 0xFFFF.
· [DRIVER] add support for uniwars. (100 % OK)
· [CPU] add 0xED4A (ADC HL,BC) opcode support.
· [DRIVER] add support to Scorpion on mooncresta hardware. The support is incomplete due to a lack of information.

last updated on:
November 19th, 2007, 15:56 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Bruno Vedder
ROOT \ System \ Emulators
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