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MEKA is a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator.





MEKA is a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator. It comes with a very sophisticated debugger and framework to help homebrew development.

The following machines are supported by MEKA:

· Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)
· Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000)
· Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)
· Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit)
· Sega Master System (SMS)
· Sega Game Gear (GG)
· Coleco Vision (COLECO)
· Othello Multivision (OMV)

The sound support is choppy at best and should be better left out at compilation for now.

MEKA also include a powerful debugger and various debugging/hacking tools.

MEKA is the result of a several years effort from several persons.

· Omar Cornut "Bock" - Machine emulation, Graphical User Interface, tools, and other general things. I'm the main responsible for MEKA, although other people have contributed with various important work (read below).
· Hiromitsu Shioya "Hiro-shi" has been working on the original MEKA sound engine years ago. His work still shows in the main sound engine structure, YM-2413 emulation through OPL and the sound interface to the SEAL Audio library.
· Marat Fayzullin "Rst38h" wrote a Z80 CPU core for his various emulation project, and that ended being used in MEKA. I've brought fixes and improvements to the core, but the very most of work is definitively from Marat.
· Maxim has contributed work and research on the SN-76496 PSG along with an implementation that eventually replaced the initial one.
· Mitsutaka Okazaki has wrote a digital YM-2413 emulator named Emu2413, which was implemented in MEKA. You can hear this emulator by enabling FM Unit and digital emulation.
· Ulrich Cordes finally wrote a FDC-765 emulator that was used as a base to emulate the floppy disk controller of the SF-7000.

MEKA is distributed freely on the internet as a downloadable ZIP archive containing the whole, non-crippled program and additionnal data and documentation related to it.

If you like the emulator, any form of contribution is greatly welcome and appreciated. Contributions helps the MEKA and SMS Power! projects, which are tied together.


· Allegro

What's New in This Release:

· The source code has been made available and a Subversion server set up.
· MS-DOS not supported anymore as of version 0.72, this will allow fundamental changes, the switch from paletted 8 bit colour modes to 16/32 bit and thus use of various graphics filters as one of the first. Others like replacing Allegro with SDL and Seal Audio Library with FMOD or SDL are planned.
· Added tile(map) viewer and sophisticated debugger.
· Renamed main executable to 'MEKA' instead of 'MEKA.exe'!
· A multitude of other changes.
Last updated on August 4th, 2008
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