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Mac-on-Linux (MOL) is a virtual machine which runs Mac OS (inlucluding Mac OS X) on top of Linux/ppc.





Mac-on-Linux (MOL) is a virtual machine which runs Mac OS (inlucluding Mac OS X) on top of Linux/ppc.

Here are some key features of "Mac on Linux":

· Added nvram.x installation
· Fix bootstrap check
· Fix dmdma.c strict aliasing warning
· Make sure that log and lock dirs are created
· Integrated BootX with the build system
· Added check for zlib
· Fixed test invocations (== is invalid)
· Fixed VT Switching
· Removed Sheep from defconfig
· Fixed Ubuntu -fno-stack-protector bug
· Removed duplicate nvram, fix doesn't really work
· Some docs cleanups, changed the website address
· Removed libimport script
· Fixed another MacOS segfault on startup
· Ensured that all read/write/seek disk pointers are set properly
· Removed some debugging text
· Fixed MacOS ethernet softlock (Thanks SolraBizna for noticing)
· Fixed MacOS segfault on startup (Thanks to SolraBizna for noticing)
· Changed BootX Read to pass addresses instead of casting them as long
· Fixed BootX read size bug preventing booting on QCOW/DMG
· Cleaned up a bunch of gcc4 issues
· Removed TUN from defconfig
· Updated network driver help info
· Integrated patch from Marcus Comstedt for USB mice
· Removed linux/compiler.h from USB to fix Ubuntu issue
· Fix mol-img bug
· Added support to recognize HFSX disks
· Added bootx source to main MOL build (with backports from newer BootX)
· Fixed gcc4 include issue

What's New in This Release:

· Fix building on FC7 by adding missing headers
· Additional fixes for find_physical_rom
· Fix bus frequency reporting
· 2.6.22 kmod fixes
· Remove TUN from defconfig (again)
· Fix XDGA off by one error
· Update netdriver Kconfig
· Re-arrange the Kconfig menus
· Remove configure directory
· OSX Compatibility fixes
Last updated on June 26th, 2007
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