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Hu-Go! is a PC engine emulator.





Hu-Go! is a PC engine emulator. The PC Engine is a 8-16 bits console which had quite a great success in Japan from 1986, roughly, until early 90's.

In my humble, opinion, it's a wonderful little console with plenty of hits. We can estimate the number of games to 300 on cartridge (called HuCard because Hudson was very involved in this machine, however distributed by Nec) and about 400 on CDs. CDs ?

Indeed, although this console is pretty old, it already featured a cd drive. And what a cd drive !! Even if only x1 speed, this extension was enabling ADPCM sound (for hi quality digitized sound/speech), cd sound, obviously, and very hi capacity for games, allowing anime sequences and even digitized video at the end (Huvideo, very impressive).

The raw console was featuring 6 PCM voices, with an instrument of 32 samples of 5 bits for each, a 8-16 bits processor called Hu6280, which is a boosted 6502 with 16 bits shortcuts for video registers and extra addressing modes. It had also an addressable size of 64 kb among which could be fitted 8 bank of 8 kb each. A whole bank were devoted for RAM (which was 8 kb).

Concerning the video, it was handled by a pure 16 bits processor with 32 kb of RAM. Able to handle directly 64 sprites on two planes and a 8x8 pixels tiles plane, it was perfect for creating hi speed shoot'em ups (the predilection domain of the pc engine). Furthermore, it could handle 16 palettes of 16 colors for sprites and another 16 palettes of 16 colors for tiles. Each color could be chosen among a 512 color palette (3 bits for Red, 3 bits for Blue and 3 bits for Green).

There were an evolution to the normal core graphx, called SuperGraphx. This console had very few success. Able to run all coregraphx games plus the specific 6 and an half games (and an half because Darius Alpha is able to run on core graphx but can take advantage of SuperGraphx when available), it was a coregraphx with 4 times more RAM and an extra video chip (which were doubling the size of the RAM and the number of planes). Unfortunately, the cpu part weren't upgraded and the console had troubles taking advantages of this extra stuff.

The pc engine gamme didn't stop there. The coregraphx existed in gray or white (more rare), a tiny console (around 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm) , the US version called itself Turbographx 16 (american distributor maybe thought that "16" would make it appear more powerful), and was also much more bulky (always for power looking purpose). Of course, there were several CD extensions (cd romē and super cd romē, with built in normal cd bios or "extended" one) and some bundle, called DUO which were including a normal console plus the cd drive. Little changes for the DUO-R and DUO-RX (just color and bundle changes).

I almost forgot to tell you about the portable versions of the pc engine, called pc engine gt in its japanese version and turbo express in USA, it's a color portable console as powerful as the normal coregraphx. Unfortunately, it's very power consuming and some very fast and little sprites can appear very blurry in shoot'em up. A tuner could even be fitted to turn the console into a little TV receiver.

Some weird machine were also released, as the Shuttle, a simple coregraphx but with an extravagant design, as well as some accessories (save game extensions, booster for higher video quality, joypads and even a modem).

The scene around the pc engine is not the biggest but it counts many fans and we're finding plenty of people devoting their homepage to it.

Now, the console is introduced, you'll understand that an emulator is a program made to fake the behavior of this hardware. You're giving it a game in input and it gives its best to let you play it as if you were using the real console.

As for Hu-Go! in itself, it's coming from FPCE, made by Bero, a not very advanced pc engine emulator but which were already working fine. When I discovered the pc engine emulation scene as an user, I wanted to give an hand by coding. After having tried to join an existing active emu, I've took back fpce and with Bero's agreement, I've changed the name with the arrival of plenty of new features.

When coding Hu-Go!, I've used piece of code or inspiration from others emus. Xpce is the first of them, coded by Hmmx, this directX port of fpce was featuring an improved sprite handling and sound. Later, Nyef did an impressive work on cd hacking and is the source of the cd emulation available in Hu-Go!. As for some DOS cd routines, I've used pieces of a french NeoGeo CD emulator (I can't remember the name right now, sorry). David Michel, author of the excellent (but commercial) Magic engine also gave help when I needed it. David Shadoff, too, gave a lot of help (and notably the new hu6280 kernel).

Concerning the compatibility, it's very good with cartridge games and not that bad for cd games. You can check cd compatibility in the following list:

· Playable CDs (57 on 69, 82.6%)
· Alzadick
· Angel's poem 2 Some problems
· Brandish
· Builder land
· Buster bros
· Cotton
· Davis cup tennis
· DCustom
· Doraemon
· Download 2
· Dracula X
· Dragon half
· Dragon Slayer
· Eat the heaven and earth
· Exile
· Fighting streets
· Flash hiders
· Forgotten worlds
· Gate of thunder
· Golden Axe 2
· Gradius 2
· Hawk F-128
· Hell fire S
· Human sport collection
· Kunio soccer
· L-Dis
· La valeur
· Last alert
· Lemmings
· Loom
· Macross 2036
· Macross love song
· Monster maker
· Moto roader MC
· Neo graduation
· Nexzr special
· R-type complete CD
· Ranma 2
· Rayxanber 3
· Riot zone
· Side arms
· Sim earth
· Space invaders Doesn't work under Magic engine
· Splash lake
· Spriggan
· Super darius
· Tanjo debut
· Tengai makyo kabuki den
· Uchuu senkan yamato Magic engine is said not to make it work
· Winds of thunder Apart the end of the intro
· Wizardry 5
· Wonderboy 3
· Wonderboy 5
· Xanadu 1
· Ys 1 & 2
· Ys 3
· Ys 4
· Bootable CDs (9 on 69, 13.0%)
· Advanced V.G.
· Dungeon master heroins quest
· Far east of eden
· Far east of eden 2
· Magical dinosaur tour
· Neo generation
· ranma 3
· Snatcher
· Valis 2
· Unplayable CDs (3 on 69, 4.3%)
· Hudson power gold
· Jb harold murder club
· Xanadu 2
Last updated on November 22nd, 2007
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