Generator 0.35

Generator project is a Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) emulator.
Generator project is a Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) emulator.

Generator is a portable Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator with gtk/SDL, SVGAlib and Tcl/Tk user interfaces.

It features its own unique portable 68000 core processor emulation enhanced by recompilation techniques.

What's New in This Release:

[CORE] Support for Genecyst patch files / Game Genie
[CORE] Support for AVI uncompressed and MJPEG output
[68000] Re-added busy wait removal that got lost
[SOUND] Added configurable single-pole low-pass filter
[CORE] Added autoconf/automake version checks
[VDP] Fix FIFO busy flag (Nicholas Van Veen)
[SOUND] Various further endian improvements from Bastien Nocera
and (Debian)
[SOUND] Various BSD compatibility improvements from
Alistair Crooks and Michael Core (NetBSD)
[UI] SDL Joystick support from Matthew N. Dodd (FreeBSD)
[68000] Do pre-decrement with two reads (Steve Snake)
[68000] Make TAS not write (Steve Snake) fixes Gargoyles, Ex Mutant
[68000] Re-write ABCD,etc based on info from Bart Trzynadlowski
[68000] Implement missing BTST op-code (fixes NHL Hockey 94)

last updated on:
November 7th, 2006, 23:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Emulators
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