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A machine emulator I'm developing in my spare time.
GXemul is a machine emulator I'm developing in my spare time.

GXemul project emulates processors and surrounding hardware components, in some cases well enough to allow unmodified "guest" operating systems to run inside the emulator as if they were running on a real machine.


- Several machine types are emulated well enough to run guest operating systems. NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, and even obscure things such as Ultrix and Sprite can run, to various degrees.


- CATS is emulated well enough to run NetBSD and OpenBSD as guest OSes.


- NetBSD/prep can run (experimental).

The emulator can be used for:

- experimenting with operating systems which you have not tried yet, or operating systems for hardware which you might not have access to,
- running guest operating systems for historical purposes, e.g. Ultrix or Sprite,
developing portable software, when you want yet another target platform to try to compile your software on (you can use GXemul to run a guest OS and compile your software inside that OS),
- development of new firmware or operating system code (but then you need to be aware of some limitations),
- educational purposes...

last updated on:
February 8th, 2009, 8:58 GMT
developed by:
Anders Gavare
license type:
BSD License 
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What's New in This Release:
  • Some more M88K instructions have been implemented.
  • NetBSD/hpcmips can be run with a serial console. Previously, only graphical framebuffer was supported.
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