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FreeNX is an implementation of a NoMachine/NX-compatible terminal server.





FreeNX Server project is the Free and GPL'd NX server implementation by Fabian Franz, based on's NX technology.

NoMachine have thankfully licensed the core of NX under the GPL (they provide a close-source commercial NX server product on top of that code, as well as professional support).

FreeNX is a set of Bash scripts (about 3000 lines of code altogether) and comes with no support other than that which you may or may not gain by participating in this mailing list.

For FreeNX to work, you not only need the FreeNX scripts, but you also need the compiled NX sources from installed. (Linux-Distributions are starting to offer their own pre-compiled packages now).

kNX is the initial KDE NX Client implementation, that was written as a "proof-of-concept" within 2 half days of hacking during LinuxTag 2004.

FreeNX and kNX strife to stay compatible and inter-operable with NoMachine's commercial NX products. We aim to let NoMachine's (free-as-in-beer) NX Client to work with FreeNX server as well as let the kNX Client access any commercial NoMachine server product (Personal, SmallOffice and Enterprise Servers).

Some versions of FreeNX and kNX are "snapshot" releases for respective 1.5.x snapshots by NoMachine, and are not expected to run with any other NX version from NoMachine.
Last updated on September 12th, 2008

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