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DAPHNE is the First Ever Multiple Arcade Laserdisc Emulator!




DAPHNE project is a Free laserdisc game emulator that allows one to play laserdisc arcade games on one's PC. Using DAPHNE, one can play the following laserdisc arcade games:

· Astron Belt
· Badlands
· Bega's Battle
· Cliff Hanger
· Cobra Command (running on Astron Belt hardware)
· Dragon's Lair (US)
· Esh's Aurunmilla
· Galaxy Ranger
· Space Ace (US)
· Star Blazer
· Super Don Quix-ote
· Thayer's Quest

The main question everyone seems to want to know is whether you need a real laserdisc and a real laserdisc player to play games with DAPHNE.

The answer is you do NOT need a real laserdisc player to play games with DAPHNE. DAPHNE can emulate a real laserdisc player using mpeg files. However, if you happen to have a real laserdisc and a real laserdisc player, you CAN use them with DAPHNE.

DAPHNE is available for i386 GNU/Linux, i386 FreeBSD, Mac OSX and Windows 2000/XP. It also may work on older versions of Windows such as 95/98/ME but performance will not be as smooth (rather jerky when using mpeg files).

What's New in 1.0 Beta Development Release:

· Automatic Updates
· Improved Emulation
· Reworked Sound System
· Added OpenGL Renderer
· Improved Input Configuration
· Game Downloads (Digital Leisure DVD Required)
Last updated on September 21st, 2007

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