Dave's AGI Interpreter ('DAGII') is a reimplementation of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter ('AGI').
Dave's AGI Interpreter ("DAGII") is a reimplementation of Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter ("AGI"). In short, it allows you to play some old-school adventure games such as King's Quest and Space Quest on modern computer systems.

DAGII is implemented in portable C++, uses SDL for display, and is designed to be easy for AGI hackers to modify and use as a tool.

This project is similar in scope to projects like Sarien and NAGI, but has been written from scratch.

Here are some key features of "DAGII":

· Partial emulation of AGI; estimated accuracy is 90%
· Loading games directly out of ZIP files — no need to unzip first
· In-game GUI for changing options
· Screenshot ability
· Limited save game support
· AGI tools such as ViewBrowser and PictureViewer


(The binary is created in the 'src' directory, installed by
default into the /usr/local/bin directory)

The syntax is:

dagii [-v] [-h] [-t] [-o] [-d < dump-file >]
[-i < info-file >] [-l < num >] [-p] < game-dir >


-v Print version information
-h Show help screen
-o Show object information
-d Decompile LOGIC resources to < dump-file > as they are run
-i Dump AGI information (a lot) to < info-file >, then exit
-l Decompile LOGIC < num > to 'logic.dump', then exit
-z Show bytecode in decompilation (-d and -l)
-p Run picture viewer.

< game-dir > Directory holding AGI data files

If < game-dir > is omitted, DAGII will try to find games for itself.
[ TODO: write more here, including platform-specific search locations ]


· Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2.9
· libpng 1.2.8 (optional)
· zlib 1.2.1 (optional)

What's New in This Release:

· Sound support has been implemented, and several emulation bugs have been fixed.

last updated on:
January 29th, 2007, 7:35 GMT
developed by:
David Symonds
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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