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Easily run SNES games and software on Linux with this embedded appliance that supports BeagleBoard and BeagleBone boards

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BeagleSNES is an open source project that provides users with an embedded Linux appliance, designed to transform your BeagleBone Black or BeagleBoard-xM hardware into a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). By combining the powerful SNES9X emulator, a patched bootloader with Linux kernel, and a custom graphical user interface for selecting games, BeagleSNES creates a standalone console capable of running any SNES software.

Can be booted from a microSD card

The project can boot a Linux kernel and operating system directly from the BeagleBoard's microSD card, allowing users to effortlessly update their BeagleSNES system by mounting the SD card under Linux and modify its contents. The microSD card can also store saved games, as well as SNES ROM images. In addition, the HDMI port of the BeagleBoard-xM board can be used to output a DVI signal, which can be displayed on any HDMI compatible television set or monitor.

Based on SNES9X

The application’s emulator component is built around a custom release of the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) port for SNES9X, a free and portable SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator. It boots into a GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-end that enables users to select game titles. Any USB compatible gamepad can be used to control the interface and play SNES games.

Play a wide-range of SNES games

End users will be able to play most of the SNES game titles, except for the ones that require special hardware components like the SuperFX chip. On the other hand, developers can examine BeagleSNES’ components and create patches. Among some of the supported SNES game titles, we can mention Super Mario All-Stars, Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, R-Type 3, Ogre Battle, Star Ocean, and Star Fox.

Bottom line

Summing up, BeagleSNES can be used to deploy a fully functional SNES gaming console on BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone Black embedded systems, which boots in only 20 seconds and supports most of the original SNES games.

BeagleSNES was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on September 13th, 2014
BeagleSNES - Raw buffer capture of the GUI front-end

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