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fonty-rg is a set of fonts for the Linux console.




fonty-rg project is a set of fonts for the Linux console.

LatCyrGr-16.psf is font containing most of ISO Latin characters, lot of cyrillic chars, lot of greek chars, and some punctuation. It is good for unicode linux console. This is 512 character font, means that you loose bold colour on linux console, unless you are using framebuffer.

chavo.psf is font containing lot of ISO-8859-2 repertoire, some additional ISO-8859-1 characters, Russian cyrillic characters and special Esperanto characters. It was specifically created to cover Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, German, Esperanto. Of course, it accidentally covers much wider range.

Good as a console font if you want to retain bold colours (and do not need some ISO-8859-1 characters - there was simply not enough space for them).


To build fonts: run script.
To modify fonts: edit files in source/ directory.
To add new charsets: add *.txt file into charsets/ directory.

To use fonts: there are two small scripts provided, iso and uni.
iso takes as an argument number of ISO-8859 encoding, switching console font into font for that encoding, and uni switches console into unicode mode, using big unicode font. See manpages for details.
Last updated on May 4th, 2006

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