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jctld is a job/process control system for clusters of machines.
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jctld is a job/process control system for clusters of machines. The project appeared due to the need for a semi-capable job control system, with the the sorts of features that we need/want on our cluster (the TUNA pi-cluster), and that's free software.

Here are some key features of "jctld":

TCP, UDP or UNIX-socket operation
Fairly lightweight in terms of CPU and memory
See what jobs are running on machines
Be able to start/kill/suspend/resume/renice jobs on machines
Basic node monitoring (e.g. uptime/load)
Security (trust by private-public key pairs)
Anything else that we might want to add later on..


libstatgrab 0.14

The whole system comprises mostly of two programs -- 'jctld' and 'jcli'. Machines are divided mostly into three categories:

Clients: the nodes in a cluster that run jobs and other things, including 'jctld'
Servers: machines that monitor and control clients, using 'jctld'
Users: machine from which a user controls jobs and other things, using 'jcli'

Configuration is handled using a couple of XML files, and geared such that clients and servers (and if needed, users) can share the same config file. Public/private key pairs are used to identify clients and users to servers, and vice versa; both programs take a '--genkeypair' argument that can be used to generate keys. In a real-world installation (as it's aiming for), a user will create themselves a key-pair, which an administrator adds to the server config.

Access and control are handled through sets of privileges, which can be assigned to single users or groups of users. The privileges specify what the associated user or group is allowed to do, or not allowed to do -- 'deny's are searched before 'allow's. The way it works should be apparent in the sample configuration shown below.

last updated on:
April 12th, 2007, 14:04 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Fred Barnes
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