iRODS 3.1

A new data grid software system.

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What's new in iRODS 3.0:

  • Major New Features:
  • New Rule Engine. The iRODS Rule Engine has been completely re-written. It supports the old rule syntax as well as a new rule language which is more expressive and easier to work with. The new rule language is parsed directly by the rule engine, eliminating the need to run the rulegen program. Features include strong typing of parameters, support for integer and double type parameters, indexing of the rules for faster execution. Examples are provided for use of each micro-service in the new rule syntax. System rules are now defined in the file instead of the core.irb and can also be stored in the iCAT (see Rules in the iCAT below). See the rule engine document and the backward compatibility section of that for more information. The old rule engine can still be configured-in (enabled), if needed, via settings in
  • Using Boost - Improved Windows Support Soon. The Boost library, which is included in the release, can now be optionally utilized on Linux/Unix hosts and will be used on Windows. To build with it run '' and then update to have USE_BOOST set and run make. By using Boost, the Windows version will be immediately available, unlike past versions, where iRODS developers needed to port changes into the Windows environment and Windows releases would lag. Related features also under development at RENCI are the ability to install on Windows via irodssetup and support for an iCAT-Enabled Server on Windows. All of these Windows features are scheduled for the release following 3.0. Thanks to the iRODS@RENCI team for the primary development of these features (in collaboration with DICE).
  • Building with C++ In support of the above feature, on most platforms, iRODS is now compiled with the C++ compiler, g++. This is largely invisible but did require minor source changes in most of the iRODS .c files. Most of the iRODS code has been tested, via the various configuration options, but contact the iRODS team if some aspect fails to build.
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BSD License 
iRODS Development Team
ROOT \ System \ Clustering and Distributed Networks
iRODS is a new data grid application system developed by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Storage Resource Broker (SRB) team and collaborators. The system is based upon the expertise gained through the application of the SRB technology in support of data grids, digital libraries, persistent archives, and real-time data systems.

The management policies (sets of assertions that these communities make about their collections) are being characterized in terms of rules and state information. At the iRODS core, a Rule Engine interprets rules to decide how the system is to respond to various requests and conditions. iRODS is open source (under a BSD-type license).

We are supporting SDSC SRB while developing iRODS in parallel, and will do so for quite some time to come. At some point, we will provide tools to migrate from SDSC SRB to iRODS for those who wish to do so.

Last updated on March 29th, 2012

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