cerebrod 1.2.0 RC2

A Cluster Management System
Cerebro is a job monitoring and deployment system. Cerebro fills the gap of having some code and deploying and managing it in a cloud environment. The simplest usecase is taking a code package and deploying it on multiple machines in ec2 with monitoring and supervising on each process.

Cerebro is a process supervisor, deployment and management solution.

Main features:

  • Monitor an individual process on a cloud hosted VM
  • Reboot the process if necessary
  • Define constraints that the process cannot pass, or it'll be rebooted
  • Provide log access via an HTTP interface
  • Monitor and manage multiple of these processes per machine
  • Monitor many machines across a cluster
  • Deploy new machines, including process harness and job code
  • Accepts python classes to define how to deploy a process or job
  • Accept a job configuration via an HTTP API which defines how many of each process to deploy in which datacenters on which cloud providers
  • The ability to autodetect if a machine goes bad / disappears, decomission it and spin up an identcal replacement and redeploy to it, without any admin intervention.
  • Provides an HTML interface at the cluster level which gives you:
  • The ability to update jobs in place
  • An overview of what jobs are running on what machines, and where
  • Links to the STDOUT/STDERR of every process in every job on every machine, across the cluster.
  • Basic machine vitals for all machines, including ram/cpu usage per process and total machine utilization.

last updated on:
July 12th, 2012, 19:03 GMT
developed by:
Zach Goldberg
license type:
Other/Proprietary License
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