LTSP-Cluster 2.0.3

Software for large-scale thin-client deployments
LTSP-Cluster is a set of components that can be added on top of LTSP to make it scale for large networks.

LTSP-Cluster provides load balancing capabilities and easy management of large thin client networks.

The project used to be known as Mille Xterm, in order to better integrate in the LTSP world we have chosen to rename it to LTSP-Cluster.

Main components:

- Account Manager - Creates temporary account, clear process list, ...
- Control center (web interface) - Provides a webui from which the administrator can manage his thin clients
- Loadbalancer agent - Send information about current server status to the loadbalancer
- Loadbalancer server - Stores the status of all servers, send IP on request
- PXE configuration generator - Gets the configuration from the control center and generate symlinks for each node
- NX loadbalancer - Run a SSH server which loadbalances incoming connections for user "nx" using ltsp-cluster-lbclient

Main features:

  • Central Configuration web interface
  • Load balanced thin clients (on the application server part)
  • Complete autologin support with account creation
  • Store hardware information for all clients in the control center
  • Managed PXE configuration, creating links to a specific configuration for a specific node
  • Integration with iTalc

last updated on:
January 19th, 2010, 15:21 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
The LTSP-Cluster Team
ROOT \ System \ Clustering and Distributed Networks
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