CTL 0.9-20080505

CTL is distributed control dispatching framework and toolset.

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The Apache License 2.0 
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CTL is distributed control dispatching framework and toolset. It provides the missing development framework for people who need to automate the management of software services or automate any other IT task that spans multiple machines.

The CTL dispatch tool helps you avoid the drudgery and complexity of scripting distributed and coordinated actions, letting you focus on your administrative "business logic".

You can use CTL in several "modes":

The ctl-exec command lets you use the dispatch functionality on the fly. Use ctl-exec whenever you want to perform a distributed execution of an arbitrary shell script or set of system commands. You can also call ctl-exec from any existing scripts you may have.
The ctl command enables you to break management processes into reusable control modules and execute them in distributed fashion over the network (managed by the underlying control dispatching framework). You can also create workflows (with error handling) that span multiple commands and execute across multiple machines. Ctl comes with sets of pre-built automation utilities that you can call from your own scripts, use individually, or leverage to create your own automation modules.
JobCenter provides a web-based alternative to CTL's command line interface. It also has a built-in job scheduler and full access control. CTL is great for handing off commands to lesser trained staff or other groups, enabling them to serve themselves in a safe manner. CTL is also great for allowing multiple people to simultaneously follow the execution of important processes.

Why you want to use CTL

A control dispatcher is a handy tool to have in your toolbox. CTL can help you quickly and more reliably perform administration tasks in any multi-node environment. CTL also helps you leverage and optimize your current scripting methods and existing tooling for distributed environments.

Execute sophisticated procedures across distributed environments - Aren't you tired of writing and then endlessly modifying scripts that loop over nodes and invoke remote actions? CTL dispatches actions to all hosts with network abstraction (over SSH), parallelism, and error handling already built in.
Comes with pre-built utilities - CTL comes with pre-built utilities so you don't have to script actions like file distribution or process and port checking.
Define your own automation using the tools/languages you already know - New controller modules are defined in XML and your scripting can be done in multiple scripting languages (Perl, Python, etc.), *nix shell, Windows batch, and/or Ant.
Cross platform administration - CTL is Java-based, works on *nix and Windows.
Standard framework - In almost every case, a modern software developer wouldn't dream of writing an application without relying on an application framework. The same principle is true of writing automation. Having a standard framework to leverage not only saves you time and many headaches, but it makes it easy to work in a group and share reusable (and self-documenting) automation modules.

What's New in This Release:

Added new utility, ctl-exec, that provides command dispatching of any ad-hoc command.
Fixes a bug that caused inherited commands to be not found if incomplete commands.properties existed.

Last updated on June 10th, 2008

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