Ext2 Filesystems Utilities 1.41.2

The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debuggin
Ext2 Filesystem Utilities project (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext2 filesystems.

Main features:

  • e2fsprogs, which consists of e2fsck, mke2fs, debugfs, dumpe2fs, tune2fs, and most of the other core ext2fs filesystem utilities.
  • dump, which will allow you to make backups of your ext2 filesystems. It uses a format which is compatible with the BSD dump and restore programs.
  • defrag, which will defragment your ext2 filesystem
  • ext2ed, which is a text/windows (curses) interface for examining and editing an ext2 filesystem. It unfortunately is limited to filesystems smaller than 2GB, and is heavily Intel byte order dependent, and has apparently been abandoned by its original author. (So for those people who were used to seeing ext2ed in older Linux distributions, and wondered where it went to, that's the explanation.)
  • It has been integrated into e2fsprogs version 1.28, but its limitations mean that it should only be used by developers who need to generate test cases.
  • FSDEXT2 --- A (read-only) ext2 filesystem driver for Windows 95, implemented as Windows 95 File System Driver (FSD). This driver is maintained by Peter van Sebille (pese@nlnwgfsc.origin.nl).
  • Ext2fsd, An ext2 filesystem driver for Windows NT/2K/XP. The most recent version has read-write support.
  • MountX, MacOS driver which allows you to mount ext2 filesystems (Linux and MkLinux) on the Macintosh.

last updated on:
October 3rd, 2008, 3:49 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Theodore Ts'o
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Ext2 Filesystems Utilities
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What's New in This Release:
  • Fix a potential file descriptor leack in libcom_err by setting the close-on-exec flag for a fd used for debugging. (Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla #464689) Fix a potential race in libcom_err by using sem_post/sem_init. SuSE has been carrying a patch for a long time to prevent a largely theoretical race condition if a multi-threaded application adds and removes error tables in multiple threads. Unfortunately SuSE's approach breaks compatibility by forcing applications to link and compile with the -pthread option; using pthread mutexes has historically been problematic. We fix this by using sem_post/sem_init instead. Fix e2fsprogs-libs build failure due to 'subs' target. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #2087502) Avoid linking e2initrd_helper, debugfs, blkid, and fsck with unneeded libraries when using ELF shared libraries. Fix ELF shared library when building on systems that don't already have the e2fsprogs shared libraries already installed. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #2088537) Fix the pkg-config files so they work correctly when linking with static libraries and fix the include directory so programs don't have to use #include , but can use #include instead. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #2089537) Make sure ext2fs_swab64() is compiled for all platforms, and not just for x86. (Addresses Debian Bug: #497515) Remove the unused ext2fs_find_{first,ext}_bit_set() functions for all non-x86 platforms. (They had been removed for x86 earlier.) Fix diet libc compilation support, which had bitrotted due to lack of TLC. Fixing this improves general portability. When installing the link library when using ELF shared libraries, avoid using absolute pathnames if the link library and the shared library are installed in the same directory. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1782913) Fix gen-tarball so it will work even if the top-level directory has been renamed to something other than "e2fsprogs". Also make gen-tarball print the size of the resulting tar.gz file.
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