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CD Shell is a bootable CD or DVD console interface and script interpreter.




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CD Shell is a scriptable menu system that provides the ability to create interactive multi-boot optical discs. It will make PC-bootable compact discs or DVD's that can select from several program loaders or kernels located on the disc, or boot from other local disk drives that are attached to the system.

This utility is based heavily on concepts pioneered by Bart Lagerweij in his great program Diskem1x. CD Shell provides similar functionality to Diskem1x along with many new original features, such as an advanced scripting language, graphics, and mouse support. It also has the ability to interface with other great programs such as isolinux/memdisk, Ranish Partition Manager, and Memtest86+.

CD Shell is free for non-commercial use. The program and its source code is distributed under the NASM License. The distribution and use of some optional components is restricted by their respective licenses.

What's New in This Release:

· changed behavior of display.message to interpret a backslash as a single-character quote if not recognized as an escape sequence (suggested by Erwin Veermans of the Ultimate Boot CD project)
· isolinux patches as suggested by Charles Appel of the Ultimage Boot CD project
· patched a bug in isolinux that would display some garbage characters when loading a kernel (just before 'Ready')
· changed behavior for the display command to not show a splash screen unless isolinux was invoked with an empty command line
· incorporated changes to chooser script
· allow onEscape action when user quits the menu
· allow per-item exececute-on-select commands
· fixed a bug where text in the message window wasn't being updated correctly
Last updated on August 10th, 2005

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