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This project provides an Open Source runlevel configuration editor for Debian-based systems

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BUM - Boot-Up Manager is an open source and completely free graphical application especially designed to handle the configuration of runlevels on Debian-based operating systems, such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

Easily start and stop boot-up scripts

With BUM - Boot-Up Manager, you will be able to effortlessly start and stop boot-up scripts. This is perfect for Linux newcomers who don’t have knowledge about working with complex permissions and links under a Linux kernel-based operating system like Debian.

Offers a tab-based interface

The software offers a tab-based interface that is very intuitive and has a simple, straightforward design. Users will be presented with a list of scripts that run at boot time on their Debian-based operating system. From there, you can easily disable the scripts that you don’t need.

Each entry has a detailed description, so you can learn more about the respective script, helping you decide if it is essential for your system or not. BUM - Boot-Up Manager has three distinct sections, Summary, Services, as well as Startup and shutdown scripts.

Designed for all Debian derivatives

Besides Debian, the Boot-Up Manager software has been successfully tested with several Debian derivatives, including the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu. It is currently distributed as a native installer for 32 and 64-bit flavors.

Under the hood

While taking a quick look under the hood of the BUM - Boot-Up Manager application, we’ve noticed that its graphical user interface is designed in GTK+ 2.x and that the entire program is written in the Perl programming language.

It can be easily installed on any Debian-based operating system where these packages are available. Detailed installation instructions can be found on the official website. Basically, you will have to run the ‘./configure && make && sudo make install” command in the source directory.

BUM - Boot-Up Manager was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 4th, 2015
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