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UMark is a GNOME port of the popular UT200x benchmark utility.




UMark project is a free graphical user interface that allows gamers and hardware reviewers to easily configure and run benchmarks on Unreal Tournament 200x (UT2004 and UT2003, both demo and retail versions).

Benchmarking with UMark is very flexible, as it can run totally customizable benchmarks. At the same time, it also offers standard benchmarking which imitates the official UT200x benchmark batch file tests.

UMark supports three types of UT200x benchmarking: "botmatch","flyby", and "timedemo" benchmarks. Each benchmark type has its own upsides and downsides.


Timedemos are pre-recorded matches that can be played back as fast as your computer can render it. While timedemos have the consistency of flybys and the gameplay accuracy above that of botmatches, there are no official demo recordings, therefore they are non-standard.


Although flybys are standard and more consistent by always following the same paths, not all maps support them and they don't include the abundance of animated sprites or process the game rules that you would find in playing a typical match of UT200x.


Botmatch benchmarks include the things that make up an actual UT200x match, and have close framerates to a "real" game of UT200x, yet they function primarily on AI, which may cause the benchmarks themselves to be inconsistent when using different options.

UMark specializes in botmatch bencharking because botmatches are widely supported and have the most response to UMark's flexible configurations.

UMark also provides an engine for gathering results for saving and loading at another time, or to submit into an online score database (UMark Online) where users can search and compare results with other users based on a number of factors.

Results are displayed in numbers and bar graphs, along with hardware information. UMark Online members may post links to their scores so they can be viewed publicly by their peers.

What's New in This Release:

Latest source snapshot, with features unseen in version 1.0 Beta 3, including built in HTML graph results browser (embedding Mozilla if installed).
Last updated on January 6th, 2006

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