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Netio project is a network benchmark.




Netio project is a network benchmark.

Netio measures the net throughput of a network via TCP/IP (and NetBIOS on Windows and OS/2) using various different packet sizes.

One instance has to run on one machine as a server process, another instance is used on another machine to perform the benchmark. When executed without arguments, the program will explain its usage.

Full source code is included. For compilation, IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2 or Windows is required, gcc can be used under Unix. Starting with version 1.17, gcc (MinGW) can be used for Windows alternatively.

Starting with version 1.20, multi threading support is required. Under Unix this has to be pthreads (tested with Linux). Therefore, DOS is no longer supported beginning with version 1.20.

A few executable files are included. The author can only build for OS/2, Windows NT/2000 and Linux. The other executable files (if any) are contributions from other people who ported the benchmark to their platform. However, those executables may be out of date now (based on earlier versions). Especially, executables of version 1.16 and newer will not communicate with versions below 1.16.


· Minor bugfixes and code cleanup were done.
Last updated on February 21st, 2007

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