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drsbackup is for backing up systems, disk to disk.




drsbackup is for backing up systems, disk to disk. drsbackup project is not aimed at your cron job that does periodic backups. Instead, it is intended as a one-shot backup facility, for use when you, say, need to upgrade a system, in which case doing a -a followed by a -a -i can be very effective.

It has three primary modes of operation:

1. Back up all filesystems on the system, as determined by a df-local script that lists all local filesystems. If your df-local script doesn't work, don't blame drsbackup .
2. Back up all filesystems specified with -f.
3. Back up all files that have changed since initial install (requires stamp/check-stamp/elim-dirs, and a stamp snapshot to have been done at install time).

Largely orthogonal to the above modes of operation, there are these additional, independent modes of operation:

1. Copy all files, but split out
2. Copy only files that have changed (presumes split out copies)
3. Copy all files, but to a series of tar archives

You can also specify whether transfers should be compressed or not (only on the client side, so far, which is usually what one wants, but not always).

Run it with an argument of -h for usage.
Last updated on February 14th, 2007

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