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Distributed encrypted backup utility




Want simple, safe, secure, FREE online backup? You’ve come to the right place! How does that work? DataHaven is a peer-to-peer backup utility. The simplest way to visualize may be to imagine you and two friends agree to hold data for each other. You hold data for both of your friends, and both of your friends hold data for you. Having both hold data gives redundancy. Because it is a fair trade, no one pays anyone else.

Simple? Just tell DataHaven.Net what you want to back up, tell it how often to back up the data, and you are done!

Safe? Yes. The redundancy in backups makes it so if someone loses your data, you can reconstruct what was lost and give it to someone else to hold. And all of this happens without you having to do a thing.

So is this secure? Absolutely. All data is encrypted before it leaves your computer with a key your computer generates. No one else can read your data.
Last updated on August 16th, 2013
datahaven - list of my backups, one small backup is starteddatahaven - suppliers page, one man is offline at the momentdatahaven - here you can see how the data is transferred to your suppliers during backup processdatahaven - the backup process were finished, my data were transferred from remote machines, decrypted, and stored in the .tar file in my "Home Folder"datahaven - this is my identity file - the public part of user accountdatahaven - this is my private key - this is the key to all my backups, do not try to hack it - it is modifieddatahaven - program main menu screendatahaven - menu->settings pagedatahaven - traffic window, you can watch packets flow heredatahaven - output of the program started in the Linux shell console

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