bkp is a set of Linux shell scripts that perform tape backup optimized for low cost, IDE travan tape drives.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Joe Jaworski
ROOT \ System \ Backup
bkp is a set of shell scripts that use 'tar', 'mt', and 'buffer' to perform a backup to an IDE tape drive, although any kernel-recognized tape drive be it SCSI or whatever, should also work. You can also do backups to a file, though you probably wouldn't use bkp for this.

The scripts are designed to do a full backup followed by any number of incremental backups. In my setup, I do a full backup every Sunday night, followed by incremental backups each day of the week.

Come Sunday again, the tape is erased and the process starts over again. This is done automatically by calling the scripts as cron jobs, though you can just as easily execute them manually if you like.

I have tested these scripts under Redhat 9 using a Seagate ST200000A tape drive. Any tape drive (ide, scsi, etc.) that you can manipulate with the 'mt' command (/dev/nht0 /dev/nst0, etc.) should work fine. However, I make no warranty on what should or should not work.

Please do not email me on script syntax or "you should have done it this way". I am not a linux guru. I'm sure my scripts can be written more elegantly.

All I know is that they work and work reliably. If you have changes and think they can benefit other users, then by all means email me and I'll update things accordingly.

Last updated on October 1st, 2005

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