Persy 0.11.1

Sync tool based on Git

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What's new in Persy 0.10:

  • New experimental feature: git-svn bridge to use a svn remote host with your local git repository. take a look at the documentation to see how its done and tell me if it worked! have fun with this release!
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Dennis Schwertel
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Persy is an automated incremental backup utility for your personal files and folders. It also has the ability to synchronize your folders over multiple machines. So, it is comparable to dropbox and ubuntuone but with one major difference: you dont need a user account in a cloud in the internet where you dont really know where your stuff is and who may have access to it.

Developer comments

With Persy, you control every step and station in the process but persy tries to keep most of the annoying things out of the way. If you just want to backup  your files and save nearly every step you do, run Persy and add your folders to Persy in the "backup" settings tab. If you want to sychronize your files, all you need is a server with ssh and git (in your local network or remote in the internet doesn't matter). I have a old pc here in my local network for example. Give Persy the server data it needs, follow the configuration, enable remote synchronization and there you go!

If you are not looking at the online version of the documentation, you can find the
most recent version at:

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You can report BUGS, ask QUESTIONS and DOWNLOAD persy on Launchpad.

You can view the SOURCE and DEVELOPMENT on github!

Last updated on August 30th, 2010


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