NSsbackup 0.3.1

Not So Simple Backup Suite

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What's new in NSsbackup 0.3.1:

  • The first bugfix release for the stable 0.3 series is now available. It fixes bugs LP #576030, LP #616667 and LP #616497.
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GPL v3 
The NSsbackup Team
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NSsbackup (Not So Simple Backup) is a backup solution for common desktop use.

It is a fork of the sbackup project, the Simple Backup suite. NSsbackup is basically using the same technology that Unix administrators have been used for decades but it adds some some intelligence for interaction with users within a graphical interface. This means dumps of files were created using the good old TAR but the usage is much more convenient than from a command line.

NSsbackup follows OOD/OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and was started in the sbackup svn repository. It's the successor to sbackup, but shares no code. The project adds some new features like handling of logs, plug-in architecture and many more that were requested by users and fixes a lot of bugs that were experienced in sbackup.

Why was it forked? The main reason for the creation of this fork were differences between the developers regarding sbackup's behaviour. While the original sbackup author seems not very able to spend time on sbackup, some good job was done by the other developers on bugs and features. This was fine till some main decisions were pending (archive format, packaging, distributing). Nevertheless, all the time compatibility between NSsbackup and sbackup was, and will, preserved.

So basically, NSsbackup and sbackup are doing the same job with some little differences. It's up to you to choose either NSsbackup or sbackup but please note that not much effort is spend on sbackup and we would strongly advise you to use NSsbackup instead.

Last updated on August 13th, 2010


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