NFS Backup System 0.0.1

NFS Backup System is a Perl script that backup system for NFS.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Simon McCorkindale
ROOT \ System \ Backup
NFS Backup System is a Perl script that backup system for NFS. The basic function nfsbu is an automated perl-script backup system between an NFS server and an NFS client.

Either by crontab or manual execution, directories listed in the configuration file can be backed up to a directory mounted on the NFS server. In turn, the NFS server uses the client-side script of nsbu ( to move the data from the temporary NFS mount directory to their final places (also specified in the configuration file).

I created this script having been learning Perl for maybe 2 weeks and progressing not much further than page 12 of Programming Perl by Larry Wall and Randal L. Shwartz. Hence you may consider the code badly written, but a quote from the book I'd like to include is "a Perl script is correct if it's halfway readable and gets the job done before your boss fires you". So I take no blame for the code, I've commented my code and it worked for me and I make no promises it will work for you.

With regards to licencing, I guess its not really worthy of the full 9 yards, but lets have the happy code hacker ethic of open source development. I.e. something of somewhat basic GPL licence terms and conditions. You may feel inclined to modify the code, in such case if you do, please e-mail me the changes and include the modified code. If you'd like to redistribute it with your modifications, please include my name and the original code.

Last updated on March 27th, 2007

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