Gnome-EasyBackup 0.1 Alpha

Backup tool for GNOME users
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Gnome already has some features (such as Nautilus Script and Emblems) suitable to be used as part of backup application. Most backup application does not make use of those but instead create its own interface causing an additional learning curve to the application. The Gnome-EasyBackup project aims to explore the possibilities of integrating and using those gnome's features for backup application.

Developer comments

The project is already functional and I have been using it in production environment for a few months. The project is, however, written in PHP which cause two problems 1) it requires an extra package (PHP) to be installed instead of only using one of those already build-in script or programming language and 2) it is not very easy to create GUI program with PHP (for those needed and not already exist with Gnome). Anyone with Python or Ruby experience can help porting the code to those languages. Additional GUI (esp. for configuration) still to be implemented. Finally, the programs messages may be translated to other languages.

Main features:

  • Basic Backup & Restore operations:
  • Backup
  • Scheduled backup
  • Revert files/folders
  • Recover files/folders
  • Integrate well with Gnome:
  • Add includes/excludes using Gnome emblems
  • Revert and Recover files/folders with Nautilus Script
  • Multiple setting for different backup policy:
  • Backup can be done by root or/and regular user
  • Allow backup to open terminal to see the backup progress (in case the connection is slow)
  • Allow difference backup target, includes/excludes, time to backup and other setting
  • Use rdiff-backup as the backend:
  • The liability is good
  • Advance options of rdiff-backup is allowed
  • Display rdiff-backup command (for checking or tweak)
  • Automatic backup:
  • Flexible way to set crobtab job
  • Reminder for preparing the backup target (such as mounting)
  • Expandable with Pre&Post backup script (can add mysql or svn backup or auto mount)
  • Pre-backup and Post-backup script:
  • Call shell but can use php directly with it
  • Free and Open

last updated on:
December 9th, 2008, 8:39 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Backup
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