Backup Manager 0.0.9

This software is a complete backup system for GNU/Linux systems
Backup Manager
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Backup Manager is a complete backup system for GNU/Linux systems. There are tar, zip facilities are provided currently.

Backup Manager is now in development stage. If you are happy to help us with python, just read through the source code first, and try to contribute.

This software can be used to backup your important files and folders. Backman can also be used to backup the entire system. There is a facility to schedule backup jobs for your system. You can also create checkpoints of a stable system so that any changes that has been made to a system can be securely erased. This feature helps you to keep your system stable all the time. All these features are not supported by the current version.

Even versions are stable and odd ones are unstable (For example 0.4.1x is unstable while 0.3.2x is stable).

We recommend not to run backman from cli even though there is a facility to do so.

Backman primarily uses gnu archiving softwares as backend program. And, above of all, we need contributors to improve this software.


Backman can be used to create backup of your important data on your PC or external storage devices.

Backup snapshots can be stored on your PC in a logical volume or even in secondary storage.


In Debian Based Systems in GNOME, Applications->System Tools->Backman Backup Manager. Set your source locations. (These are the files and folders you need to backup). Set your target location and archiver type. (The destination of your snapshots). Press 'Backup' button, the GUI may go unresponsive for a while in current version.

last updated on:
July 1st, 2010, 6:31 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Subin Sebastian
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Backup Manager
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