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BRU Server for Linux is a native Linux backup software solution.




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BRU Server for Linux is a native Linux backup software solution that protects critical information residing across your client/server based network served by a Linux server system. The project continues the heritage of providing Ultra-reliable Linux backup that began in 1994 at Linux kernel 0.99pl12 when BRU (Backup & Restore Utility) was the first, non-development application available for Linux end users.

In similar fashion to Linux being scaled to provide enterprise level support, TOLIS Group has scaled its BRU technology to provide enterprise wide data protection services.

BRU Server is based on the venerable and time-tested BRU engine and utilizes the most modern supporting technology structures to deliver its unique data protection characteristics. OFM, TOLIS' Open File Manager is available to back up live databases such as Exchange Server, SQL Server, Filemaker, Oracle, Sybase and others running on Windows client systems.

The proven reliability of BRU technology coupled with the proven reliability of Linux operating system creates a backup system of unsurpassed uptime and availability to archived data.

BRU Server for Linux delivers the reliability, functionality and flexibility to meet your organization's data protection needs:

Straightforward Installation - Many Functions Automated.
Graphical User Interface, Character-Based, and Command Line Management Consoles.
Backups 100% verified for accuracy.
Media recovery algorithms provide successful restores where other tools fail.
Live database backup.
Flexible Disk Staging Provides Disk-to-Disk and Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Support.
Off-Site Storage Services.
Comprehensive Native Tape Device Support.
Three (3) Versions of BRU Server Provide Highly Scalable, Cost-Effective Backup to Meet Your Needs

BRU Server for Linux Solution Choices

BRU Server Basic Edition - Full BRU Server functionality, includes 2 client licenses to back itself up and 1 other connected system - fully expandable.
BRU Server Network Edition - Includes 25 client licenses and is fully expandable.
BRU Server Enterprise Edition - Includes 250 client licenses, expandalble.
BRU Server Client Licenses - Available individually, or in cost-effective packs of 5, 10, 25, and 100 licenses.
BRU Server Site Licenses - Custom quoted when more than five (5) copies of BRU Server, or more than 1,000 clients are required to support an organization.
Last updated on June 5th, 2007

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